Really old..

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Really old..

Postby JtH » Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:33 pm

As I understood, stumbling over the internet, I was amongst more people, all looking for very old magazines.
So after quite some years I found a site with complete magazines containing old çases and projects of the Dutch Elektuur from 1969 up. (Elektor now in NL)
Now, I could finish repairing some ancient projects.
The famous site: You certainly find other usefull magazines there in Spanish, Canadian.

In the end 70-s, I build the Ekwin audio amplifier and the control/pre-amp. I am not yet convinced what pre-amp I built to drive my Ekwin that time but it must have been published in Elektuur either. Somebody of you out there, familiair with the combination (No EPS -service used that time-) and maybe can give me a good hint?

Happy to hear from you,
R U interested in looking up very old stuff from Elektuur Elektor and more and e.g. dl those magazines in pdf?

( Uploads allowed too )
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