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The variable frequency power

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The variable frequency power

Postby Morgann » Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:48 am

The variable frequency power supply has been widely used. The variable frequency power supply can imitate the voltage and frequency of the electricity standard of the world, so it is widely used by many export electrical manufacturers and traders. Of course, the variable frequency power supply can be widely used and cannot be separated from his excellent features:
1. High control precision, good waveform quality, can adapt to various loads
2, small size, low noise, flexible operation, rapid transient response, strong overload capability
3. Provide standard power supply, stable and pure sine wave in the world, simulate and test various electrical products.
4, with high current, overload, over temperature and other multiple protection and automatic alarm function
5, low distortion interference, input / output completely isolated, safe and reliable
6, a wide range of applications, can be widely used in places where frequency conversion is required
The above are some of the excellent features of the variable frequency power supply, I don't know if it helps you. The variable frequency power supply can convert the mains through AC-DC-AC, and the output waveform is pure sine wave, which can be adjusted within a certain range.

Are there any other advantages?Welcome discussion
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