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if we keep our head in the sand we are going to suffocate.

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if we keep our head in the sand we are going to suffocate.

Postby 1est » Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:02 pm

why is cancer going rampant? if we keep our head in the sand we are going to suffocate.
or should that be " if YOU keep YOUR head in the sand we are ALL going to suffocate."

See what you people think of these youtube. Dr. Milham is a medical doctor not a electronics tutor at technical school. I was showing them to a electronics friend, and he kept stopping the youtube all the time and said “I dont agree with that” as he pointed the technical description a bit strange, and I am thinking “get over it” I was just interested in the medical aspect and why cancer is going rampant, The American religious community Amish dont have cancer like the rest of the world, because they have not got into high technology living as pointed out in some of the youtube clips

If we pull our head out of the sand we can work around some of these issues making us sick. You dont have to read between the lines when you listen to our daily news, the world is going sick in more ways than one
Sam Milham, M.D., M.P.H. was the first scientist to alert the world to the dangers of dirty electricity. In his book .
time 1:13:58
Dirty Electricity and Disease.mp4 149.135 Mb
Electro-Magnetic Pollution This 17-minute briefing is one post in a new EON series of videos on the work of Dr Sam Milham
A Brief Introduction to Dirty Electricity - Dr Sam Milham.webm
Download video "Dr. Mercola and Dr. Milham on Dirty Electricity
time 59:48
Dr. Mercola and Dr. Milham on Dirty Electricity (Full Interview).mp4
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