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Touch screen XPT2046 and Arduino

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Touch screen XPT2046 and Arduino

Postby oct » Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:48 pm

Touch screen XPT2046 and Dongsen Tech Pocket32 (or “WeMos WIFI&Bluetooth Battery”) board.
The TFT screen (with ILI9341) include the touch screen XPT 2046, and the Library say to connect MOSI (TFT screen) to TDI (touch screen), but the ILI9341 is with SPI bus and the XPT2046 is with a serial bus : how can they work together, on the same uP pins?

The touscreen doesn't work on my Dongsen Tech Pocket32 board, and not on the Arduino Uno too.

What means this ?
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 ts.calibrate(-0.00114, -0.0653, 254, -0.0885, -0.00125, 348, 240, 320);

ts.calibrate never compiles.

Someone has an idea ?

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