Looking for new oscilloscope transformer

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Looking for new oscilloscope transformer

Postby DHG500 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:19 am

Problem on my workbench is a nice and decent Philips PM3262 Oscilloscope (ca. 1979).

I acquired it from a ebay-look-a-like in the Netherlands and was in working order when I shortly tested it at the seller.
At home and experimenting with it, it gave a popping noise within 10 minutes and my study filled with smoke and the smell of burning cardboard. I now know I am quick at switching off and unplugging. :lol:
On the power-PCB I found an exploded power capacitator, just like Mad Maxwell describes on his blog. But I also found a couple of suspect diodes and another capacitator in combination of suspect pcb-traces which I all replaced with new components and insulated wiring. After reassembly I switched on the oscilloscope and immediately was met with a wihstling noise like steam leaking from a tiny hole. Off course I switched the thing off right away.

The last suspect is the huge transformer; it seems to have been overloaded since the sides bulge out. Replacement seems in order.
Unfortunately, I can not find a usefull reference or identifier with which I can buy me a replacement. Do you, fellow-boardmebers, have any suggestions?

The sticker on top reads: 4022 369 68093 DY 071
The manual refers to part # T1801 (Ordering number 5322 148 84039).

According to the schematics it is 220V in and -6V / +6V / -12.7V / +12.7V / -60V / +60V / 1000V / 1500V out

Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


PS. The following picture comes from Maxwell (see link above) and reads a different DY number:
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