iOS 11 battery life

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iOS 11 battery life

Postby ricardobrooks » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:11 am


My iPhone 7 has absolutely horrid battery life. On average I get 4 hours of usage. It got noticeably worse under iOS 11. Is anybody seeing the same thing? Point revisions haven’t really fixed the problem like some online posts indicated. I have done the troubleshooting steps. My battery health is 90%, in line for a year old phone. Background app refresh is limited, Facebook app deleted, location services minimized. I did a wipe and restore from iCloud backup that might have helped for a week or two but back to normal now. The next step, I suppose, is to do a full wipe and set up as new phone. Never mind that this is the most annoying procedure Apple has created, with having to manually redownload and reorder your apps. Also, I would lose my few years of iMessage history and health data. There is a way to back up health data, but no way to import it that I can see. iMessages are gone, at least until Apple enables the cloud backup for them (where is it? It was promised in iOS 11)Isn’t it sad that on iOS 11 we are still having these issues? Especially with no effective means to troubleshoot them.

Please help.

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Re: iOS 11 battery life

Postby ontagert » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:38 pm

I had a similar problem and I asked a friend to break the root lock on the system and about 30% better the battery worked better.
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