UK Mains Adapters in Project Kits

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UK Mains Adapters in Project Kits

Postby bkcjones » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:00 am

I recently ordered two project kits from the Elector store, both of which were powered from "plug top" type mains power supplies. To my surprise the kits were (eventually) delivered with European mains plug power supplies without UK adapters. It is my understanding (perhaps wrongly) that any mains operated equipment supplied into the UK marketplace is legally required to have a UK compatible mains connection. When I have ordered anything in the past which requires a mains connection, even a camera with a charger, it has included either a plug top power supply designed specifically for a UK wall socket or an adapter compatible with a UK wall socket for attachment to the supplied power supply (usually European). I have queried Elector on this matter and they have promised to send a UK adapters. What surprises me is that this matter has not arisen before now as I am sure they must have been selling kits (with mains derived power supplies) to UK members for many years. This leads me to think that my assumption that it is a legal requirement may be wrong. Is there anyone "out there" who has knowledge of this matter who can give guidance. Thank you.
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