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Looking for MK14 PCB,old parts, 8 inch disk drive

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Looking for MK14 PCB,old parts, 8 inch disk drive

Postby georgedb » Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:14 pm


I'm into old stuff and looking for:

Original Science of Cambridge PCB, with or without parts

An 8 inch disk drive

Various somewhat older parts:
  • 2111 - RAM (256x4 static RAM like MM2111-1N, NEC D2111, Intel P2111A-4, AMD AM9111BPC)
  • DM74S571 (SN74S571N, MH74S571 - of course with no fuses burned yet...
  • Crystal 4.433619 MHz, the big model, not the normal HC49 model
  • NSA1198 (calculator display) HP 5082-7441, CQYP95, ALS318A
  • LM340T-5.0 (not its replacement the 7805)
  • DM80L95 (74LS365, 80C95)
  • DM7445
  • DM7408 (may also be 74LS08)
  • 6264 or 62256 RAM
  • 2864/28256 (EEPROM)
  • DM86S64CAB
  • DM74L86 (!! different pinout from 74LS86
  • 80L95 (80C95)
  • 2N2926G

And eighties speech synthesizers.
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