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Basic project start.

Title basically says it all

Basic project start.

Postby Brock01 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:36 am

Hi everyone! I am new to electronics but keen to learn!. I have some basic questions and hoping someone may be able to help.
I want to construct a simple system using a D cell(s) (or Nicad?) (solar re powered?)to lift a weight of approx 1 kilogramme about 18inches, via a pulley.
what do you recommend re type/rating/speed of motor? And is it possible to construct the circuit so that a one cycle trigger will run the motor and then release for Gravity to return the weight after approx 5-10 seconds. The initial lift must be completed in approximately3 seconds. The power source must be able to run approx 70 seconds a week for ideally 6 months (30 minutes total).
I hope I have been clear, if not, please don't be afraid to ask whatever I have left out,
Wayno. :D
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