LabWorX 2: LED Ring Light Eurocircuits Kit

The book series by Vincent Himpe

Postby royleith » Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:00 am

Because my SMD projects are few and far between, I don't intend getting an SMD oven and the book is not likely to be of much value to me. I am in the process of finishing the kit and it leaves me with a few questions because there is limited data available apart from the article, itself.

The first question is confirmation that the 5V ring light power is positive to the centre pin of the power socket.

For the PWM controller, the voltage range is given in the article as 5-25 V and the output is marked as 1 A, but it is not clear what the polarity of the output load connections are.

For the LED tester, the type of button cell to be used is not shown and the purpose of the push button and the pair of test points is not clear.

It would be helpful for 'kit only' purchasers to have a download document giving some of these sort of details.

I built the three boards by using SMD adhesive cured in a kitchen oven at 100℃ and SMD solder paste. Once the SMD components were in place, a selection of bright lighting and magnifying lenses were used for solder paste stencilling and component placing. Once the adhesive was cured, I used a fine point soldering iron with a little added solder to finish the job. The board markings and the list of components makes assembly obvious, although the inductor on the LED tester board is not labelled.

I have done some of this sort of SMD board building, before, and have developed some skills. However this kit is not particularly harder than other projects I have tried.

You can tell from my questions that the testing stage has not yet begun!

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