LabWorX 2: Projects 5 & 6

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Postby flo » Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:00 am

To the Author

Hello Vincent,

When will the files for projects 5 & 6 be available on

Will Eurocircuits sell the kits and PCBs?


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Postby vincent_himpe » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:00 am

Project 5 and 6 are getting additional documentation. I will release this weekend the data to elektor for project 5 ( you will be able to download it form the labworx website. )

There is a step-by step guide to build an exposure unit based on LED technology. Detailed info contains full plans , assembly instructions and photo's as well as detailed mechanical files. There is a set of files that allows you to cut your own acrylic material using a lasercutter. Many hackerspaces (Make, Techshop and others) these days have access to such machines. The files are ready to run. simply place a 24x18 inch sheet of 1/4 inch black acrylic in the lasercutter and send the file. it cuts and engraves all the pieces needed.

All details will be in the fileset.

For project 6 i am working on the same step by step guide. I have been playing with two ovens and am tweaking the software to give the best results.
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