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Postby gingganggooly » Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:00 am

I purchased the book and found it good & wanted the PCB, so I took the plunge back in May this year and bought the 1st PCB (109033-1).

Well, it is now November, only 6 months later and I can no longer by the 2nd PCB (109033-2) direct from Elektor. Instead, I have to use their 'partner' to buy the PCB as the PCB files, Gerber, Eagle (i.e. Hobbyist level PCB applications) are not available. Sure, I could use the artwork, but I don't have the equipment to do this at home & I don't know of any PCB fab houses that will produce PCB from a magazine scan!

The PCB cost (with shipping) is now 49 EUR!!! Back in May this year it was 36 EUR. So, I have to pay 50% MORE to use your partner....

Shame on you Elektor, most EU countries are in recession, how can you justify this?

Please, please, please make the Gerber file be available. Even for a small fee so I can have a board made at a PCB Fab house of my own choosing.

I do hope somebody from Elektor reads this, and replies to it with the good intention that is meant. I have not flamed this issue, just pointing at that at these prices you are making the PCB purchase for your I2C book unaffordable for the average person, and please don't reply with 'it is out of our control' - no it is not. You can produce the Gerber files etc. and host them, or sell them.

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Postby thijsbeckers » Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:00 am

First of all I'm glad you're pleased with the book.

Yes, regarding PCB-related hardware we have recently chosen to go with a partnership construction for offering this service. It was becoming way too much work for our logistics and customer service departments, it proved too risky (investment-wise) and we actually lost money on this service, so we had to find a solution.
Please understand our side of it. We are only a small to mid-sized publishing company that tries to keep its head up in this time of economical recession. What would you have done?

Sadly, we can not publish the Gerber files at the risk of copyright infringements. You can, however, register using the unique code printed on the backside of the cover of the book and log in on our special Labworx site (www.elektor.com/labworx) where you can download proper PCB-artwork files in PDF format.

I must admit, it will be difficult to find a company that will manufacture a PCB from PDF files. Perhaps your best shot is to contact a local store that deals in electronic components. Or you could find a 'hackerspace' not too far from you where they will be happy to welcome you as a new member of their collective.

Have a good one.

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