More Errors - SAA1064

The book series by Vincent Himpe

Postby gingganggooly » Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:00 am

BOM lists the SAA1064 as a Digi-Key part, which I did not know as I mass ordered all the IC's from Digi in the USA.

Well, not a happy chap to find out I need a SMD chip, therefore the BOM is wrong & I have paid out ~$5 for a wrong chip.

I ordered a SAA1064T/N2 SMD from Farnell UK 206-6176

Considering the cost of the book, the price of the PCB & the IC's are not cheap, it is a very, very poor show from Elektor/author there is no errata or addemdum on this site.

I always held Elektor up high on a pedestal for getting things right & paying that little bit extra for know it will be ok. Wrong!

Sorry, rant over.....

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