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USB PC oscilloscope pcb

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USB PC oscilloscope pcb

Postby nigelwright7557 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:45 pm

USB up to 10KHz sine wave oscilloscope.

Time bases are 1mS 2mS 10mS 20mS 100mS

Up to 120,000 samples per second.

Voltage range is 125mV, 250mV, 500mV, 2.5 ,5,10,20 and 40 volts per division.

Positive trigger, negative trigger or no trigger.

Single shot display or roll multiple times display.

Measuring markers to measure voltage and time between two points.

Has an AC/DC switch.

Comes with software on a CDROM.

Save/load traces. Print to printer function. Save trace to bitmap file.

It needs a *1 scope probe and USB lead which are not included.

Powered by USB bus.

Optional FFT display for displaying frequency content.
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