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Where can I download the

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Where can I download the

Postby adamc1999 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:56 pm

I have the AUDU1701 and the BOB RS232 USB boards

I am ready to load my first Sigma Studio files, but I cannot for the life of me find the Elektor Sigma Studio Serial I2C EEPROM Pro-grammer utility as described in the AUDU1701 accompanying article.

Surely it shouldn't be hard to find this? Been looking and searching for hours :-(

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Re: Where can I download the

Postby ag » Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:29 pm

Hi adamc1999,

Here is the link to the software:

You will have to log in to download the software package zip file, which contains among others, the UTilitaire SStudio to EEPROM DEV program.

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Re: Where can I download the

Postby MichaelOwen » Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:45 am

The link is broken. Where can I download it?
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Re: Where can I download the

Postby Warniman » Tue Dec 26, 2017 4:55 pm

Link works fine, what are you talking about?
Just downloaded. All okay.
Try it in another browser.
See what happens
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Re: Where can I download the

Postby Topaazy » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:07 pm

First, ???.hex files are text files containing hexadecimal digits. You will need a program such as avrdude.exe to translate these text characters into their binary prior to sending them to the arduino. Second, you will need to write a program for the arduino to forward these binary bytes to the dsp board.
Also i found this information here. Sigma Studio and EEPROM Programming
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Re: Where can I download the

Postby Morlina » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:29 pm

Thank you for the source. Very helpful.
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