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LCR meter - New firmware released!!!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:14 am
by chahath
Firmware Version 3.1.0
- All settings can now be made in stand-alone mode
- Only the firmware update, using the AU2011 program, requires connection to the PC.

To access the "extended Menus", press the buttons Freq- & Freq+ before you start. The "Extended Menus ON" message is displayed briefly.
Extended Menus are:
"Test voltage adj. "
"Sense Resist. adj."
"Input phase adj. "
"PGA phase adj. "
"Erase EEPROM... "
"Buffer offset adj."
"Input offsetU adj."
"Sinus offset adj. "
"Input offsetI adj."

This change should provide more flexibility in the use of the LCR-Meter.Akinator

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