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bedroom RF logger equivalent of the radiation card ?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:36 pm
by 1est
Is there a electronic device that will log the times and the limit the RF goes over a set RF limit one could keep near the bed so the next morning it can be checked just how safe your sleeping environment is, I just released my bluetooth was still going the other night, very similar to a radiation card that tells you when you need to get out of a radiated environment.
obviously it would need a real time clock or the time set.

for further reading on RF for the bedroom have a look at the PDF ... nglish.pdf

I think if such a device was available it would ultimately benefit the health of everyone
From what Dr. Samuel Milham MD MPH says it is modern technology that is making cancer go rampart, The American religious community Amish DONT have cancer. see more from Dr. Samuel Milham via youtube

If we keep our heads in the sand we are going to suffocate, if we pull our heads out, and maybe work around it, using safe usage techniques, we all can benefit.

by the way when the website shortens the URL a cell phone can not be used to go to that URL
it only goes up to the break.