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Gamma Radiation Detector (Photodiode)

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Gamma Radiation Detector (Photodiode)

Postby isshahrim » Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:44 am


My name iskandar. Me and my colleagues are working on our school project. The radiation detector based on the article "Measure Gamma Rays with a Photodiode Radiation detector using a BPW34" by Burkhard Kainka really build up interest among our group members. Eventually, we had constructed the amplifier circuit using BPW34 photodiode that we purchase from Mouser Electronics as the detector (a very good price). Instead of radiation source, we use flash light (source) as part of our calibration setup and it work tremendously great. Nevertheless, we fail to gain any signal when we exposed the detector with radioisotope Ra-226. Is the any precaution steps we need to look upon with our setup? Kindly advice and help us because we are still new in this field.


our circuit based on the article

instead of 9V cell, we use power supply bought by our teacher

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