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Finding equivalent parts is sometimes difficult

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Finding equivalent parts is sometimes difficult

Postby Omnicron » Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:37 am

Hi all.

I just bought me a nice and simple tool to check possible unknown transistors.
Sometimes you are busy wich a small project, or trying to solve a problem on a broken pcb, and you are unable to check what kind of Diode, Mosfet, or transistor was on that place.
Sometimes it is even impossble to read the transistor stamp. Well, in my case i had a chain of led light's in a housing, with a small controller inside.
One of the transistors was burnt away, and the board itself contains 3 equal driver circuits, controlled by a micro controller, wich looked as a toppless sim, and no stamp on it.

How do you find out the equivalent transistor type ,Check the stamps on the other transistors. And go for a search on the Internet. Or search in the expensive semiconductor library books ... :ugeek: I was searching for XL1225 silicon based planair transistor TO-92 , and was able to get some minor data on

But !

No other info. So i found the solution in the DCA75, from Peak Atlas . It is an advanced piece of testing eq.
Possible of testing the most unknown transistors, ( bipolair), Darlington, enhancement mode en dpletion mode Mosfet's Igbt's ed's Bicolour leds Zener diod's en Vr's

Just connect it and let the software do its work. It even functions like a curve tracer on the transistors.
Based on that information, you can find out all kinds of stuff like Gain measuements, leakage Threshold's Fwd voltage measurement etc etc.

A search in the semiconductor library is much easier then, because you can measure, ans select the the given results for a qeuivalent part.

It might come out handy. Yust for your personal information. Have fun. :P

have a peak, hihi at the next url....

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