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500 ppm LCR-meter: open trim fails with Kelvin-clips

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Postby siamcat » Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:00 am

Hello All!

I've installed the v3.0.0 versions of firmware and AU2011, but did NOT YET apply the hardware modifications published in Elektor Nov 2013 (I have to wait for some SMD resistors...).
As I stated before I had shortened my Klevin clips to about 10cm. I'm pleased to tell you that the OPEN TRIM now succeeds, when I limit the gain 8 amplification to a value of 4 or 5. So far , so good!

Today I ordered the TONGHUI probe from EBay. When I've applied the hardware modifications I will report again. Thanks so far, Jean-Jaques!

Greetz from SiamCat.
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Postby porcelijn » Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:00 am

Yes, where to get a few of these tiny smd-resistors.. Tip: mine I recovered from the electronics inside the socket of a worne-out energysaving lamp.

But to be true, the hardware modifications gave no improvement as far as hum & noise are concerned. They even seem to have worsened noise in the 10 kHz range (parasitic oscillations?).
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