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500 ppm LCR Meter: Measuring very small inductors.

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Postby la2ni » Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:00 am

Hi Jean-Jacques.

I recently received my ready built LCR meter and it seems to work very well. But when I try to measure small inductors (<100nH) the results are not very accurate. I have made a special jig to measure SMD components using a piece of PCB with a narrow slot cut across and 4 equal lengths of coax soldered directly to each side of the slot. When I calibrate using a short soldered across the slot, the readings goes to 0. If I then install (solder) a small 10 nH inductor, the metes shows 19 nH +-3 nH and a small value of R. If I test with a 22 nH inductor, it shows 29 nH +- 3 nH. When testing with 100 nH, the results varies from 84-110 nH

I am sure of the inductor values, they are all 5% or better.

Any suggestions?

Kjell Karlsen
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