lead-acid battery activator 0-30V

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lead-acid battery activator 0-30V

Postby jan.lichtenbelt » Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:36 pm


In the March/April 2017 magazine of Elektor there is an article about lead-acid battery activator. This can also be used to measure the quality of the batteries. This has been done by measuring the internal resistance. The lower the better.

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Jan Lichtenbelt

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Re: lead-acid battery activator 0-30V

Postby ve6cmm » Tue May 23, 2017 10:50 pm

My kit arrived late last week and I finally managed to get to put it together. It took about an hour to have it up and running. The build went very smoothly.

I first tried it on an older 12V 7Ah battery and had some decent results, but it wasn't really telling me anything, so I connected both the activator and battery to my power supply and charged the battery while activating it. I left it over night, and was amazed how a battery that was reading 8V and wasn't providing any power was now almost like new! Next I tried a car battery that I had to replace this winter. It would test OK when I took the battery in for warranty replacement, but it still wouldn't start the car in the morning! The tester that shops use to test their batteries do not do a very good job, as the clerk said he would do a load test on the battery and call me in an hour. I had a call back saying that the battery was shot, and that it did need replacement.

I put the activator on it with the power supply and let it run overnight. This morning, the Vt was 13.1, I was 105, and the amazing thing was that R was 6.22, whereas it was around 11 when I started the process.

I have 10 used batteries in my solar power array, and they were all faulty to some extent, so I got them for free. Tomorrow I am going to go through each one and do my best to re-activate them all.

This has to be the best, most useful, gadget that I have made in a very long time.

Thank you,
Clint Millett
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Re: lead-acid battery activator 0-30V

Postby ve6cmm » Thu May 25, 2017 6:40 pm

Hi Jan,

After using this for a few days, I find that the readings I get are inconsistent. My suspicion is that the timings that you are using are just too tight. You are trying to meet an arbitrary 100 microsecond pulse, but this really doesn't matter. If to extended the pulse time to 125uS or 150 uS, you would have more time for the A/D's to settle, and likely get more consistent readings.

Just because someone else used 100uS doesn't mean you need to. 500uS might even help the process, although if left on all the time, it would drain the battery 5 times as fast. Have you tried extending the time?

Clint Millett
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