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Solenoid as acoustic source

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:45 pm
by stylolites
Piezoelectric transducers ("speakers") are used in shops and buildings to transmit music but I would like a device that can make the ground radiate music or other sounds. I believe that this would require a rugged low impedance device and have been testing the idea with broadband "Shakers" (for example those marketed by the Tenlee Electric Group on Alibaba) that are widely used in industry to move aggregates, powders and the like, and to test the performance of elastic structures, in cars and aircraft, for example. I was wondering if Elektor magazine would consider publishing an example of a "ground speaker" using a broadband "shaker". Such devices are sprung solenoids and resemble woofer loudspeakers except that they are more ruggedly built. Or maybe a Forum member is aware of such a description already published. My online and forum searches only located a few specialised patents.