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a hifi source selector box

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a hifi source selector box

Postby e somebody » Mon May 26, 2014 8:30 pm

Has any body considered a source selector box as a project for your stereo rack, I am surprised a project has not been done.

I am thinking of a project that going a 1 unit high rank type box, that might not need the brackets on each side, My old stereo only has, 4 or should I say 3 inputs "Radio - Tape - AUX" and MAG (which is useless now with RIAA input) and more input selection would be great. For say CD player TV, MP3 player, computer (alright with good sound card) just to mention a few, Because free to air TV is useless now,

I sometimes watch TV and listen to the radio, so a mix would be good, mix in a bit of classical music while the sound from the TV dribble drabbling on in the background, just practice to lip read, not that there is anything worth lip reading free to air TV.

There was a project in some other magazine, a few years ago, I try not to buy they had a project, but they put in some box that should of been taken to the tip the day the design of the box left the design department if it ever was designed by real people. It might of been designed by a 3D-monkey.
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