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Titan 2000 Earth Issue - Mistake ???

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Postby shadders » Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:00 am

Hi Elektor,

I have been examining the Titan 2000 earth/grounding.

The design indicates that the earth, is the metal 0volts aluminium strip connecting the capacitors together. Figure 9 indicates this is 0volts/ground, but the article does not seem to state that this is connected to the chassis of the enclosure.

In the Part 4 article, the 4th paragraph states that “supply earth and the enclosure are linked by metal spacers between the two ‘0’ terminals and the heatsink”.

Hence the star point is the ‘0’ terminals – connecting power supply ground to chassis earth.

The copper layout of the main board seems to have a ground plane, on the underside of the board.

Part 3 paragraph 3 states that the 7 heatsinks must be strapped to earth.

The problem is that the ‘0’ terminal and the ground plane on the main board are not connected – as such the heatsinks and supposed ground plane are not connected. This seems to be the case with regards to the copper layout patterns provided in Part 3 – spokes are evident on all earth connections, but not the ‘0’ terminals.

Is this correct and the ground plane is therefore left floating ???

Thanks and regards,


Apologies, my mistake - i was thinking that the T27 and T28 holes were the '0' connections.


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