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Digital Multi-Effects Unit ME2009

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Postby bjalstad » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:00 am

In january I purchased the ME2009 kit. Unfortunally I became very busy and it took some time before I put it together. Anyway, when it was done it seemed to work OK, but starting to set up the algorithms in the different programs has given me a lot of headache.
When I set up the parameter values in one of the algorithms it is accepted and stored OK, BUT all the other algorithms in the same program are getting the same parameter values as soon as I save them. So changing to another algorithm and setting it up is also changing the previous and all the others to the same values. Stepping to the next program and trying to set up the different algorithms here allows me to use parameter values different from them in the previous program but still all algorithms within this program are getting the same values.
The PCB's has been carefully checked for erroneous mounted components, solder bridges, etc. specially the soldering of the SMD IC. Voltages has been checked. No error has been found.
I have experieced other problems that might be caused by software errors in microcontrollers and EEPROMS in kits from Elektor. Is it possible that the X-ray machine at the Norwegian customs can be a problem?
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