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help me identify this amp

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Postby tankpopper » Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:00 am

Hi guys

a few months ago an old amp landed in my house with unknown origins! there seens to be absolutly nothing about this unit online!

this is the unit:

and the inside (after some serious cleaning!):

and the mosfets:

and finally, the board itself:

after alot of reaserch, a friend of mine said it might be an elektor kit from the 80 that was factory produced, so i thought ill check here with you guys and hopefully someone will have an idea on were i can find more info on the unit, its schematics and bias..

also, i allready orderd new caps for it because i plan to rebuild it - it sound very nice through my Tannoys DC!!

thank you all for you time!

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