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Postby steph_tsf » Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:00 am

why not documenting the listening test sessions (subjective results) in a structured way :

- session shortname
- who
- where
- when
- listening room width-lenght-height
- listening room reverb time profile in 9 octave bands 63Hz-16kHz
- what audio material (CD, SACD, DVD or Bluray title)
- time index from hh:mm:ss to hh:mm:ss
- how many max dB(A) in fast mode at 1 meter distance and when (time index)
- mains AC voltage
- mains filter (yes or no)
- source hardware
- source cable hardware
- is there a preamp used (if yes, which one, and what signal cable)
- what is the volume control arrangement (none, at source, at preamp)
- NE5532 OpAmplifier configuration (single ended, bridge)
- NE5532 OpAmplifier PCB revision
- NE5532 PSU configuration (common supply, dual mono)
- NE5532 PSU PCB revision
- loudspeakers cables hardware
- loudspeakers hardware
- loudspeakers positionning (distance from walls and floor)

An attached .xls would be convenient at this stage.

Then comes the problem of qualifying and quantizing the subjective listening impressions. Different listeners may have different perceptions. Every listener should deliver a short report. Dissimilar reports are significant. They all need to be documented individually.

A few simple ideas here :

Solo Voice : agressive, grainy, fuzzy, out of balance, natural, on the soft side, inconsistent, mike proximity effects
Chorus : the individual voice textures are not anymore discernable, the individual voices textures are still discernable.
Piano : it sounds huge, it sounds normal size, it sounds tiny
Drum section : it only renders percussions, it renders a lot more than percussions
Deep bass : are stressing as they localize too much into the speakers, are relaxing as they seem to have no perceivable origin
Overall tonal balance : definitely needs equalization (where ?), may benefit from some light equalization (where ?), doesn't need equalization.

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