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What wrong with my radio here?

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What wrong with my radio here?

Postby Adelelin » Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:49 am

I've made two different circuits to receive RF using LM386 but they doesn't work. I've changed the values of C2 and L1 to change the frequency. I've also changed the gain but nothing happens.

The problem is that I hear a sound of noise or buzz from the speaker. When I touch Pin 3 (The input) or the Antenna, The sound become higher but anyway no radio station is received.

I've made a radio transmitter using a transistor before so, I turned it on. The receiver circuit received the song Which is the input of the transmitter. It receives no matter the values of the C2 and L1 of the Tank circuit so, I removed the tank circuit and connected the antenna directly to pin 3 and It also works receive the song.

Why it doesn't receive any radio station although it receive the signals that are transmitted by the transmitter circuit that I've made ?

What can I do to receive radio stations ? ( I live in area Where I can receive good radio stations AM and FM from my cell phone and Radio device )
here is the details of the IC :[url removed -- stealth advertising detected -- admin ]
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Re: What wrong with my radio here?

Postby 1est » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:54 pm

I did reply a few weeks ago, but there was a error, but as I tried to correct it both messages got deleted.

So here is a better answer. (I hope)

Have a look at your tuned circuit C2 & L1 when that is at the tunned frequency EVERYTHING will go from the Antenna to the LM386 except the radio station you what to listen to and what the C2, L1 circuit is tunned too.
What you need to do is have a look at a crystal set circuit, then disconnect the diode and connect it to the antenna, C2, L1 and as for the other end of C2 & L1 connect it to earth. That way when parallel tunned circuit is at the right frequency it has maximum impedance
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