BL600-eBOB, cannot get passed 1st Step, page 46, 2/2015

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BL600-eBOB, cannot get passed 1st Step, page 46, 2/2015

Postby Ray Frost » Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:43 pm

As Laird Tech seem to have changed the Laird BL600 Toolkit does this have any bearing on downloading $autorun$.upass.vsp.uwc as mentioned in the part 1 2/2015 of the BL600-eBOB series as I cannot manage to achieve this 1st step. When I 'select file' I cannot see the autorun file within my downloads as if it doesn't recognise the file type .uwc. Note - button no longer labelled "select Download File" on OTA screen.

Latest Update - I have managed to get BL600 OTA app on my phone but still struggled to get the $autorun$.upass.vsp.uwc file to be selectable from the "select download file" option. I was unable to see the file in my download folder of my HTC smartphone, so I put the file into a folder on Dropbox and was then able to see the file via the "Open from" menu. I really don't know why I have had to mess around so much to make this file accessible.

Now that I have a working BL600 e-BOB and successfully downloaded the $autorun$ file from my smart phone, so I am a happy chappy once more.
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