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FT232R USB/Serial Bridge/BOB - RS485 operation?

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FT232R USB/Serial Bridge/BOB - RS485 operation?

Postby Perro! » Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:02 pm


I've just taken delivery of the FT232R USB/Serial Bridge/BOB, described in the Elektor September 2011 issue, which I plan to use for sending RS485 signals to a 'dumb' target (it receives, only - sends back nothing), from a Windows PC.

The FTDI driver installs fine and I can see the virtual COM port in the Windows (8.1) Device Manager.

However, the BOB comes with no additional documentation and, even after reading the 2011 article, I'm unclear on whether I should select the 3.3v or 5v jumper option, or how I should configure/connect the BOB to generate RS485 signals, or even if I need any additional external components.

BTW: I have not used RS485 before (only RS232 - a LONG time ago).

Can anyone advise how I can set this up for RS285 transmission (no receive needed) ? Thanks

Kind regards
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Re: FT232R USB/Serial Bridge/BOB - RS485 operation?

Postby ag » Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:38 am

Hi Perro,

For RS485 you would normally use the 5v jumper option, and you would normally need an RS485 transceiver, e.g. MAX485, as an additional external component. The following link should provide you sufficient information to work out the details: ... CABLES.pdf

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