sdr may2007-need for mod for use with mic jack of most lapto

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Postby sarma » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:00 am

we all know that the elektor sdr may2007 has been recognised world over, thanks to Burkhard Kainka.
i request for a facility to use the same with a laptop. I fine that many laptops dont have "LINE IN" socket but only a mono socket is there.
the drm and other software are able to rake input from a normal radio down converting 455KHz or so IF to 12KHz , decode and manage the output to headphones. this facility is helping normal radios output for dream interface, either for analog like ssb , etc, or digital drm decoding.

for elektor sdr we need similar out put of an interface for iq signals for use with usb input

i appeal to the author to help many users as this helps using the sdr anywhere instead of confining to desktop PC alone.
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