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BOB Assembly

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Postby kevington » Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:00 am

I ordered an FT232R USB/Serial Bridge/BOB fully assembled. When it arrived, the header pins had to be soldered to the board - a very ticklish task. I had assumed that the board would have arrived with header pins soldered to the board. However, it didn't. Trying several methods without success (the thermoplastic of the header bodies will soften at normal soldering temperatures and get misaligned with the rest of the pins). Eventually the problem was solved by: 1. Tinning the gold contacts on the edges of the board (top and bottom surface), 2. With solder wick removing the solder from the semi-circular recessions for the round pins of the headers. 3. inserting the headers into a breadboard at the exact width of the BOB. 4. putting the breadboard into a Panavise so that it could be held firmly, yet rotated to convenient angles. 5. Carefully soldering the pins to the BOB, one side at a time.

The breadboard holds the header pins fairly rigidly, preventing misalignment due to the heat of soldering.

I hope this is of help to others.
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