MCP73831 Solar charger with load sharing

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MCP73831 Solar charger with load sharing

Postby igonine » Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:14 pm


I want to build this circuit, but instead of powering it via USB or AC adapter, i intend to use a 5v solar cell if it is possible.
My only concern is how the solar panel manages the current. Does is works like a regular voltage source, and only supplies the current that the system requires or it may send unwanted excess current and needs to be limited?

The project is a automated watering system. During the day it will power the system and charge the battery at the same time, and by night the battery will power the system.
The circuit for powering and charging is this: ... d-sharing/

Will it be safe to use the solar cell with this circuit? The maximum output of the sollar cell is 280mA.

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