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Postby Guest » Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:00 am

I sent a similar question directly to the magazine tech department but I haven't received a reply. I'll repeat most of it here:

Refer to the latest Elektor magazine article "Joule Robbin' Hood".
There appears to be something wrong with either the schematic Fig.1 or the wiring of the circuit shown in the picture at the top of the article.
Some clues..

a) The battery NEGATIVE is supposed to be going to the junction of the 100k, LED and the two transistors. The photo shows battery POSITIVE to that junction.

b) In the picture there are two wires joined together from the transformer. They are connected to the NEGATIVE of the battery. In the schematic the two joined wires are connected to battery POSITIVE.

So which is correct?
Or where am I going wrong?


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