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PC Power supply trouble?

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PC Power supply trouble?

Postby rcrdmcdaniel » Thu May 03, 2018 6:04 am


I recently bought a new PC (AMD Phenom Processor) and whilst editing some photos on Photoshop, the computer suddenly cut out. I investigated and it wasn't a power cut, nor was it the fuse in the power cable. The PC now refuses to turn on at all. The green light indicating a power supply is on I reconnect the power cable into the back of the computer but I soon as I touch the "on" button, the green light goes out and refuses to turn on.

Please help.

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Re: PC Power supply trouble?

Postby Marrs » Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:14 am

This may be caused by the following reasons:
1. The motherboard temperature is too high to turn off automatically (it is recommended to add a bottom fan).
2. The fans on the CPU stop working (it is recommended to change the CPU fan).
3. If you shut down after entering the system (it may be a system problem, it is recommended to reinstall the system).
4. Memory damage, usually before the system will turn off the machine (suggested to replace the memory bar).
5. The average person will not notice that the hard disk mode in the BIOS has been changed, the XP system is changed from ide to AHCI or the win7/8 system is changed from AHCI to ide. (it is recommended to try the next mode).
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