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Why there are no microcontrollers with GPU

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:44 am
by priyankjosh77
For my hobby diy projects I mainly use Espressif ESP8266, mainly ESP-12F. It is really powerful microcontroller and is sufficient for 90% of projects that I make.

But, recently, I was building LED matrix using WS2813 addresable strips, and to implement smooth fading between two screens (displaying time to displaying temperature) I must iterate over every pixel and do simple calculations to transition between one color to another.

I think that if I would have GPU it would be so much faster, if I would have like 64 cores clocked at 1-4Mhz or less, tech news free netflix
I would just send whole batch of pixels and have it processed almost instantly while doing some stuff on the main core (requesting temperatures from thermometers, communicating with other devices

It would be useful maybe for doing some audio processing, data analysis, driving screens, cameras, all still on this little neat, low power microcontroller.

Why it is not more popular? I've heard about a few microcontrollers, like Microchip's PIC32MZ but they are not widely available, and not so popular as the ESPs which do have the community, support for ArduinoIDE which is ideal for hobbyists like me.