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WLAN for MicroControllers - Lazurus Code!!

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WLAN for MicroControllers - Lazurus Code!!

Postby chahath » Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:08 pm

As a Delphi Programmer for many decades I thought I'd give Lazarus a try since the JAN/FEB-2016 article mentioned using it for the ESP8266 interface.
I downloaded and installed Lazarus and observed it's very much like the Delphi5 user interface. Ran a few of the example programs and then downloaded the Article Project code.
How incredibly disappointing!
Where I was expecting to see a full Lazarus project that duplicated the drawings in Figure 5,6 instead there's an executable and a readme that reminds the user to download the openSSL and keep the two attached files in the same folder as the EXE.
I suspect for many readers the firmware interface to STM module is pretty easy. Sending ASCII characters out a serial port.
But 6 paragraphs for the PC, Android and iPhone and a hint of the power of the free Lazurus but no source code makes the entire project article pointless.
All in all very disappointing.
In keeping with the philosophy of twitter magazines like Elektor are opting for lots of articles with very little content. I'd have rather seen the 3 pages preceding this article which are just glitz replaced with more substance in the article.Sling TV PureVPN TunnelBear
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