ESP8266 & Android IO Board, no com. to Android phone App

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ESP8266 & Android IO Board, no com. to Android phone App

Postby ngeron » Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:04 pm

I'm struggling with the Android IO Board (150057-1) in combination with the ESP8266. Both obtained from the Elektor shop, the ESP pre-programmed for the Android board.
I compiled the app using Android Studio and loaded on my phone. On the phone, I select the ESP network (AI-Thinker_xxxxxx, as described). I can connect the app on my phone to the board, specifying that I want the WIFI connection. The app reports that the connection is enabled, I see the blue LED on the board flashing. Even, when I use the slider on the app, the blue LED flashes frequently, indicating that it receives commands. However, I cannnot control the LEDs on the board by the app, the app neither indicates that messages from the switch or thee NTC on the board arrive.
Also, the ESP does not respond on AT messages I sent in a TELNET session, although TELNET reports that it is connected to the boards IP and port 23.
Who has any clue, how to proceed?
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