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Could you recommend me one with four pins?

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Could you recommend me one with four pins?

Postby Williamhawk » Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:45 am

Hi all,

Recently,I would like to buy a TRIAC with four pins to instead of my old one which has six pins.My specific situation is:
1). Controlling the on-off of thyristor converter whitle it doesn’t need to review the zero detection.
2).Now the bidrectional controlled silicon I used is MOC3021, straight pin, six pins
3).Because the the controlling circuit is so more and the six pins take up a lot of room.I would like to change it.

Could you recommend me one with four pins in a bottom price? The new TRAIC need to be similar to my old one. This is my MOC3021’s datasheet.

Thanks a million.

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