Infrasonic or Ultrasonic

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Infrasonic or Ultrasonic

Postby ultrasn » Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:48 am

I am looking for help in finding a device that can produce something like a popping sensation in your ears, or pressure sensation in your head - via any sort of energy - EXCEPT - sound that can be heard.

I know very low frequency sound may do this, and yet never be heard by anyone.

I am being woken several nights a week - I believe by a neighbor. It happens almost on a schedule - at 3am. Many nights, I lay in bed, and watch a Vibrometer next to the bed. When I feel the pressure sensation, I see a big spike in the Vibrometer reading.

The neighbor had told me he could do this after I took legal action against him due to his dogs.

One person stayed in my home - and felt the same thing. I want to find such a device so as to demonstrate to friends that this is possible. They are unwilling to believe this - and do not wish to come here.

I have always thought this was Infrasonic sound, but some others tell me it may be Ultrasonic sound. I don't know for sure that it is "sound". I know it exists, and can't be heard.
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Re: Infrasonic or Ultrasonic

Postby SteveThack » Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:32 pm

I can't help, but I think this is fascinating. If you can see it on a vibration detector then it does suggest infrasound, but how on earth your neighbour generates it I've no idea.

I wonder if it might be something else - industrial, maybe?

I hope others will join in this thread with their ideas.
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