Raspberry PI two SPI interfaces needed

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Raspberry PI two SPI interfaces needed

Postby MMM-IT » Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:09 am


I wanted to use my Raspberry PI together with a 3.5" display (from Waveshare) which uses SPI interface and on the same device I wanted to use a RFID which uses a SPI interface too ... how can I realise this ?
I'm quite new to raspberry and I thought a second SPI Interface could be useful ?
Is this a programmatically problem or an electronics problem ?
Anybody has every tried this ?
After searching a lot on Forums of Raspberry I only found a solution to replace the 3.5" display by a 7" display using DSI interface (the only LCD proposing this is to big for my application) or to use external Hardware like *flyfish* or something like that ... but I was imaging something easier should be possible ... ?

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