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Lite HTTP Server ported to Windows

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Postby ponedelnik » Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:00 am

In the april 2008 issue of the Elektor magazine appeared a project called DigiButler, integrating a Coldfire MCF52231 microcontroller from Freescale Semiconductor. The package came with the source of the firmware, which provided the possibility to adapt it to a specific application, as the Lite version of Freescale's Integrated Development Environnment software was available for free.
This firmware included a Lite HTTP Server, which gave me the opportunity to study the programming of an Internet software. As I wanted to get some training on Winsock programming with more than just some trivial two-page code found on the Web, I decided to attempt to port this little server to the Windows environment. The packages presented here are the result of this effort.

URL - demo package

This contains the executable, a configuration file and the install and run instructions, along with a demo web.

URL - source package

This contains the original sources, possibly slightly modified (only the modules necessary for server operation are included). The major modifications and additions were the interfaces to the Winsock API and to the Windows file system. I was not interested in the exotic features like page uploading, password authentication and WAP, which I removed, along with the fonctionality depending on any Coldfire hardware feature. Actually, the only supported functionality is file serving. However, I kept dynamic HTML by token substitution, a few ?forms and the original compiled web pages.
"EMG" stands for Eric Gregori, the author of the original software. Well done, Eric ! The project was developed on Visual C++ 2008 Express.

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