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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:50 pm
by adrienne224
Calling all cars Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal, so if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel a good hands-free car kit is essential. Motorola's MOTOROKR T505 is a Bluetooth carspeaker with a difference - it is also an FM transmitter, which means it can take the audio from your Bluetooth mobile phone or MP3 player and play it through the car stereo. The 88-gram T505 is about the size of a pager and has a large clip for fixing it to your car's sun visor. It is small enough that you might get away with leaving it clipped to your sun visor, but if you are security conscious it can be easily slipped off its clip and dropped into a handbag or shirt pocket.

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The T505 is a Bluetooth 2.0 device, which means it has a range of about 10 metres. Pairing it with our iMate JasJam smartphone was simple, and gave the device a chance to show off some of its hidden talents. The default pass code when pairing Bluetooth devices is generally 0000, but when we entered 000 by mistake we suddenly heard voices. Looking around we realised the T505 was speaking to us, telling us the correct pass code. We were impressed, if not a little freaked out. Next it was time to tune our car stereo to the T505. We pushed the "wireless" button at the rear of the device and the recorded voice told us the FM frequency it was transmitting on.
If that frequency was already taken, pushing the button again skipped to the next station and the voice told us the new frequency. The FM signal was strong and clear, with a range of about five metres - more than enough for a car kit. A play/pause button on the front of the T505 controls music from the phone; output is almost CD quality. You could use it to listen to music from any Bluetooth device, but don't fret if your MP3 player isn't blessed with Bluetooth. Motorola also sells an iPod Bluetooth adaptor that works with all iPods except the Shuffle. Onboard software automatically pauses the music when a phone call comes in and once again we heard the voice, this time reading out the caller's number.
The beauty of a chatty Bluetooth device is that you can keep your eyes on the road but, happily, the T505 isn't human so it won't drive you to distraction. As the phone rang we pressed the call answer/end button on the front of the T505 and our caller's voice came clearly from the car's stereo speakers. Callers could hear us clearly, thanks to the microphone in the T505, and their voices did not echo even though they were booming through the car's stereo. Switching back to the T505's built-in 2-watt speaker was, as expected, less satisfying.
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The sound quality was small and tinny compared with the stereo but good for a small Bluetooth speaker. Volume is controlled by buttons on either side of the device. It charges through a mini-USB port at the rear and comes with a car charger. The battery has up to 18 hours' talk time or 14 days' standby from a full charge. There are lots of cool uses for the T505, but we think one of the best would be to connect it to a phone with sat-nav software and have it read aloud the driving instructions through your car stereo. It would also make it easy to listen to podcasts in the car or internet radio straight from your phone, assuming your monthly mobile bandwidth allowance could cope.Motorola's MOTOROKR T505 costs $159, is easy to use with excellent sound quality and the bonus of linking to the car stereo.
A 3.5-mm line-in jack for connecting non-Bluetooth music players would be a nice addition. For details call 1300 138 823 or see Back it up QNAP's QBack-25S external hard disk drive enclosure takes a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive with an anti-shock design to protect the drive in case of a close encounter with the ground. A USB 2.0 device, the QBack-25S comes bundled with Windows back-up software and has multiple back-up modes including Auto-sync Backup, Schedule Backup, Instant Backup and One-Touch Button Backup. It also supports an Instant Restore function, allowing you to restore data to the original or specified directories in a few clicks.
The hard disk can be partitioned into Public and Secure areas, with AES 256-bit encryption used to protect sensitive data.QNAP's QBack-25S, rrp $79. For details call distributor Bluechip Info Tech on 1300 727 474 or see She'll be apples Apple's Xsan 2 is an enterprise-class Storage Area Network (SAN) file system for Mac OS X. It has a new function, MultiSAN, for those who need to access multiple Xsan volumes from the same workstation or server. Xsan 2 also works seamlessly with Server Assistant in Apple's Leopard Server for easy set-up and configuration of SAN volumes. Leopard Server features, such as iCal Server, Mail Server and Podcast Producer, can now integrate with Xsan 2 to support clustered file systems, improving performance and scalability and reducing the impact of a service outage from the loss of any one server.
Xsan 2 is also compatible with third-party RAID storage hardware.Apple's Xsan 2, rrp from $1299. For details call 133 622 or see Stay tuned Icom's IC-PCR1500 iWideband PC-based receiver-scanner turns a Windows PC into a receiver for listening to broadcasts from AM/FM/SW radio as well as Marine, Air Band and more. It has fast scanning and a tool for monitoring up to 25 channels. You can record audio in .WAV format, saving storage space by automatically pausing recording when there is no channel activity.Icom's IC-PCR1500, rrp $699. what are the best car speakers brands in the world