Nixie Thermometer Hydrometer

Title basically says it all

Nixie Thermometer Hydrometer

Postby nickt » Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:08 pm

Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone else has built this beast, its the 110321 that is featured recently and can be converted to provide a remote reading.

I've got the basic version without the link up and running, but have a weird issue that's driving me nuts, most of the time, it works fine, but periodically, it shows a temperature of 12.1 deg C, and humidity of 11.1% . The fact that it's intermittent suggests a bad connection, but I've been through them all, and all over it with a high power magnifying glass. It crossed my mind to wonder if its a software issue, so I figured I'd ask if anyone else has seen the problem ?

When it does go "bad", it sometimes comes back after being powered down, sometime not.


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