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Can anyone help? Trying to add Monoprice Voxel to wifi

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Can anyone help? Trying to add Monoprice Voxel to wifi

Postby Jacobcullen » Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:18 am

Hello; I performed a factory reset, turned off my routers 5Ghz band (since the printer only connects to 2.4) and added my wifi to my printer now like 7 times (I'm positive I'm using the right password.) It originally adds but whether or not it stays connected is sketch and I cannot seem to update it's firmware - it either just tells me 'Update Failed' or it says my wifi connection sucks. In my router settings the printer appears on my 2.4 band but it says it's an 'unknown' netflix netflix free trial upcoming movies
Any tips? I emailed Monoprices support but I'd like to get started on why I bought it now if possible. I literally unboxed the printer about 3 hours ago now and have already printed the preloaded box. I guess it technically doesn't need to be on wifi to be used but it's insane to me I can't have wireless prints
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