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Colinbus PCBBox

Postby stevewidg » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:54 pm

Hello All,
I have a PCBBox which is working on an OLD XP laptop which is on its last legs. I do not have a copy of the software, my stupid fault for not saving to a backup!!
Anyway I found this copy of software ( Norton said it was safe!!)
The machine I am trying to install on is W7 64 bit, I have tried installing in XP compatibility mode, and its installed in Programs(x86) folder. However the machine is not seen by software. As far as I can see it enumerates as an FTDI serial port, and I seem to have all the same name files from my XP machine, and although the software runs I cannot communicate.
Does anybody know if this software is ONLY 32 bit, or if there is something else stopping it working.

I saw someone asking about connector on back of PCBBOX, and this is a reply I got from then when they were still around, hope it might be useful to someone

Has anybody used MIPEC software? I tried the test version , but as it wouldnt output didnt want to buy, and they wouldnt provide a time limited full version.

PCBBOX rear connector
pcbbocconnector.jpg (12.34 KiB) Viewed 1025 times
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Re: Colinbus PCBBox

Postby omaroski » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:42 pm

Hey there,

don't know if you already fixed the issue with your machine, i have PCBBOX too and newest versions of PCB Module (138, 141 and 142). I've used the machine both on Windows 7 64bit than 32bit with no problem.

I also have some documentation about PCB Module and PCBBOX. If you are interested drop me a line so i can email you things i have. Somewhere i should have a latest version of the firmware too.

By the way, thanks for sharing the rear connector pinout!

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