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Colinbus laboflex / Milling Bits

Postby Bullbasar » Thu May 19, 2016 9:56 am

Hi to everyone,

First of all thank you for your time reading it.
I have a project based on microfluidics.I want to make a micro channel up to 0.1mm with the Colinbus laboflex-30/PRO. I have two questions if anyone could help:

1) I have found o site in England that sells micro milling bits with the width that i desire( I ordered a couple of them). Does anyone know another site (in europe preferably) that sells that kind of milling bits (0.1 and under). So i could have α variety to look from.

2) As i mentioned before i work with the laboflex-30/PRO.As you know the company has gone into bankruptcy. Working with it i found that coliCAM is missing from the computer. I asked my supervisor if he had the program that was given to him from the company and he told me that only Coliner and ColiDRIVE was provided to him. So i am asking if anyone could give me the setup to install the colinCAM. I would own to him a great amount of debt.

Thank you all for the time reading the question.
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