How to set parameters for components on Easyeda?

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How to set parameters for components on Easyeda?

Postby Maple » Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:09 am

When I want to make simulation for my electronic design , I found some online simulator .

The most impressive two simulators for me is circuitlab and easyeda .circuitlab really provides powerful simulation function ,

but I need to pay for it even as an an amateur , to make online simulation . I need the quick way and free one .

Fortunately , I found the easyeda is free for their simualtion service . I make some simple simulation on easyeda , and it could output waveform diagrams ,

I could detect the result of the testing points . But how could I set parameters for the components to create my own part of simulation components ?

Would anyone share with me how to set parameter for the componnents? thansk in advance !
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