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Ender 3 Quiet fan?

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Ender 3 Quiet fan?

Postby Aplam » Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:27 am

Ok, I did a quick search but many fan related posts are related to defective fans. Mine's not broken, its just the last thing making unreasonable noise on my Ender3.

I have made some efforts to reduce the sounds my Ender 3, and I am quite happy with the changes. Wife is no longer complaining - so that's the goal right? My studio is directly above our bedroom and overnight prints were often met with her complaining about the vibrations etc.

So to my question. I bought a set of 40mm fans (not realizing the part cooling fan was different) and they were advertised as ball bearing brushless SILENT RUNNING fans. And maybe they are in some applications, but it seems this new fan just SCREAMS like its driving 100kmh in second gear. Is this an overpowering issue? Was the fan falsely advertised as silent? An Amazon seller wouldn't outright lie to me right??
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